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What to wear for meetings? | 會議期間穿什麼好?

Dress Code for tonight: Smart Casual

When you receive an invitation with a dress code, were you ever being anxious about the“smart” before going to the ball!?

Some freshmen may dress up in a  really "smart" style, yet it might not be a smart idea... ... just like this paradox code itself, to welcome people being casual in a formal occasion. So, what should we wear?

Generally speaking, there are 6 - 10 types, from very formal "WHITE TIE" to very informal "CASUAL". As for international conventions, it usually requires three kinds of them in one 3-day conference duration.

今晚服裝建議 (Dress Code):Smart Casual
在華人世界很少有機會收到這樣一張有著Dress Code的邀請函,但如果您收到了,您知道該怎麼穿嗎?
有些人或許會穿著太過專業幹練的樣子,但其實這一點也無法顯示出你的"聰明"!   Smart Casual本身就是個很矛盾的詞,它希望來參加的人可以很輕鬆隨興,但...在一個正式的場合?!  所以,到底該穿什麼呢?
一般說來,Dress Code有差不多6-10種,從非常正式的WHITE TIE到非常隨性的CASUAL。但對一般參加國際會議的人來說,通常會需要其中的三種來應付三天以上的會議行程。

Source: StyleCaster

Arrival / Opening Day
Upon the arrival, there is often a opening ceremony with all big heads (of course sometimes delegates arrive one day before, which we exclude here). So, it will show better respect to dress in BUSINESS. Furthermore, the first image plays a great role, so a good timing to impress people... but, of course, try in good way! Prince William and his wife, Kate, give us the best example.

For HIM:
Dark Business Suit + Dress Shirt + Conservative Tie + Dressy Leather Shoes & Dark Dress Socks
         Optional to wear matching vest

For HER:
Suit or Business-style Dress or Dress with a jacket + Heels (low or high)

首先是抵達的開幕日。通常抵達當天會有開幕儀式 (當然也有很多是前一天抵達,我們就暫不列入討論),會有許多大頭出現,最好的方式是穿得正式一些、商務人士的感覺,以表示尊敬;更甚者,第一印象的重要性大家都知道,所以試著讓其他人留下一個好印象!讓我們來看看威廉王子跟凱特王妃是怎麼穿的。通常素色套裝是最適合的;男士請記得打領帶喔。

All change: The Duchess of Cambridge in a Smythe blazer   Con gusto vivo con los suegros unicamente si es el principe william d lo contrario jamas!!!!!!!!
Source: DailyMail - Pinterest

Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner usually comes in the first night or the last, which is obviously to welcome or farewell all the delegates and gives chances for them to know better about each other. The dinner can be in many forms from round-table catering to standing buffet. Depending on its theme, you might be required to be BLACK TIE or SEMI-FORMAL.

For HIM: 
Black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers
Formal white shirt
Black-colored studs and cufflinks
Black bow tie (silk, shiny satin or twill)
Black cummerbund to match tie, or a vest
Dressy suspenders to ensure a good fit (optional)
Black patent shoes and black dress socks
No gloves
In summer: white dinner jacket, black tuxedo trousers plus other black tie wardrobe

For HER:
       Formal (floor length) evening gown
       Dressy cocktail dress
       Dressiest little black dress

For HIM: 
Dark business suit + Dress Shirt + Conservative Tie + Dressy Leather Shoes & Dark Dress Socks
       Optional to wear matching vest

For HER: 
Short Afternoon or Cocktail Dress or A Little Black Dress or Long Dressy Skirt & Top or Dressy Separates

Still have no idea?  Let's see below... Mr. and Mrs. Obama are the perfect models!!


Michelle Obama -What a stunning dress. And the poppies--a symbol of remembrance.    Michelle Obama  This accomplished beauty loves fashion. Her dress choice here highlights her long shape to advantage, and her famously toned arms too, of course. The dusky teal color compliments her lovely cocoa skin tone without being brash. This necklace is typically huge and spot-on.
Source: Vogue UK - Mrs. O

Session / Meeting Day
While you get these big days prepared, you would also need something comfortable for the serious but rather easy meeting. Some would be dressing too cozy in homy outfit when others may wear black business suit to "stun" people. What recommended is SMART CASUAL or BUSINESS CASUAL, which many would get even more confused. However, it is rather like your work outfit in the ordinary day.

至於一般的會期,只是參加討論或演講時,雖然依舊是嚴肅的場合,但可以讓自己輕鬆一點。不過,太居家的服飾還是不適合的喔;如果太正式也有可能讓人印象太深刻。所以SMART CASUAL或是一般商務的穿著就可以了。不懂嗎?   那可以想像上班跟老闆開會時穿什麼比較適合,大概就差不多了。下面請出國際巨星為大家走秀一下。

For HIM:
Dark Business Suit + Dress Shirt + Conservative Tie + Dressy Leather Shoes & Dark Dress Socks
       Optional to wear matching vest

Seasonal Sport Coat or Blazer with Slacks or Khakis 
Dress Shirt with Optional Tie, or Casual Button-Down Shirt
Open-Collar or Polo Shirt 
     + Loafers or Loafer-style Shoes and Socks

Seasonal Sport Coat or Blazer and Slacks
Dress Shirt, Casual Button-Down Shirt
Optional tie

Open-Collar or Polo Shirt

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr// Robert Downey Jr. - in honor of the Iron Man 3 premiere! 
Source: imGur - tumblr - USWeekly

tumblr m2ol8iSWWw1qkegsbo1 500 Random Inspiration #27 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear   White suit, dress it up or dress it down

For HER:
Suit or Business-style Dress or Dress with a Jacket + Heels (low or high)

Skirt, Khakis or Pants + Open-Collar Shirt, Knit Shirt, or Sweater (no spaghetti straps or decolleté)
Casual-style Dress

Dress or Skirt & Dressy Top or Dressy Pants Outfit or Nice jeans & Dressy top

Miranda Kerr - Love this smart casual style    Miranda Kerr strolled Sydney in her LWD  
Source: Pinterest - INStyle

   Kate Moss is Parisian chic in her striped top and dark jeans paired with a gold-buttoned red blazer and aviator shades.   KATE MOSS photo | Kate Moss - Click image to find more Women's Fashion Pinterest pins
Source: People - Postris

Grey Blazer   I have yet to see a Carven piece that I don't like. Saw this collared sweater on sale. But which site was it again?!
Source: Pinterest - Tumblr

In brief, for MEN, a black suit will satisfy almost every occasion and to light up with your ties. Polo is always the best partner for less formal meetings to make yourself comfortable. Remember to iron it before put it on!!

As for LADIES, believe every of you are always able to make a good choice from your closet. Yet, remember to be tidy and simple rather than showing-off. If you can't make up your mind, pick up your black dress or anything comfortable with your black jacket... it works everywhere. The most important above all, DO wear what you are comfortable with! 

Hope this will help you in attending any meetings!!


大部分的女性應該很容易從衣櫃找到這些衣服,但記得保持素雅,畢竟不是要上台作秀。如果無法下定決心,選擇那套黑色小洋裝,或是穿一套舒適的衣服,搭配一件正式的黑外套,永遠不會錯!   最重要的是,不要穿那些讓自己覺得憋扭的衣服。


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2014年4月23日 星期三

Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) | 會議管理顧問

Before talking about PCO, you may have a big question mark around your head about the “C”.

What is the difference between a CONGRESS and a CONFERENCE?

We invite the most reputed meeting association - ICCA, to answer!
Please find the definition at ICCA FAQ.
Here are some key points for your quick review:

- Delegates: regular coming together on a representational basis of several hundreds of individuals
- Purpose: often convened to discuss a particular subject.
- Frequency: either multiannual (more likely international)or annual (rather national)
- Length: often last several days with several simultaneous sessions

- Delegates: participatory; not so representational
- Purpose: designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation; smaller in scale and more select in character; tend to facilitate the exchange of information
- Frequency: no special connotation as to frequency
- Length: not inherently limited in time, conferences are usually of limited duration with specific objectives

We would like to add one more C: CONVENTION, which is used interchangeable to Conference, but more “fun” gathering.

I want my conference room to look like this.
Source: hello sandwich 



我們有請國際有名的會議協會 ICCA 來回答,在他們網站的FAQ中有清楚的說明。摘錄如下:

- 參加者:經由成千上百的個人推選出來的代表,定期出席
- 目    的:通常都是針對特定主題作討論
- 頻    率:多年一次 (通常是國際性的) 或是 每年一次 (通常是全國性的)
- 長    度:持續幾天,且同時有多場會議一起進行

- 參加者:自由參加的;沒有代表性
- 目    的:可以是討論、發掘事實、解決問題、顧問性質;規模上較小,也會協助訊息的交換
- 頻    率:沒有定期
- 長    度:基本上沒有時間限制,但通常特定目的都是有期限的


Now, you know what you are after and then, usually, an international-level or even national-level conference with 100 persons above will demand a PCO, us!  We are intermediaries working on behalf of buyers -- you! PCOs are known as independent, specialist meetings planners who work on a consultancy basis, being temporarily hired by associations and companies to organize a specific event or series of events.

現在您了解了會議的不同,接著您就需要我們這樣的PCO,尤其是國際性甚至是全國性一百人以上的會議。PCO是站在買家 – 也就是您的立場做一個媒介;是獨立、專業的會議策劃者,可說是為特定事件或一連串活動而被協會或公司所臨時雇用的顧問。

Conneq Boardroom Australian Interior Design Awards                                  TECHO
Source: gallery

Not only conference planning or executive does a PCO matter, but well connections to venue, facilitation, travel agent, or so suppliers would make a PCO more valuable to your events. This is important because the details of an event are far more than everyone can image but only a PCO with more good connections can assist you in these aspects in a more efficient and economic way. Furthermore, in our experience, choosing a PCO is like choosing a partner. The chosen PCO will do better and the association and company will satisfy if their backgrounds and tastes can match each other. In other words, you may find disappointed when a PCO experienced in fashion show cannot catch your event demand for scientists.

除了會議規劃與執行,PCO跟其他供應商 (如場地、設備、旅行社等) 的關係越好,越能對您的活動提供價值。這很重要是因為一個活動的細節比一般人想像的還多,但擁有更多合作關係的PCO可以在這些問題上用更有效率且經濟的方式協助。此外,我們的經驗告訴我們,選擇PCO跟選擇另一半很像,如果PCO的背景與調性符合該協會或公司性質,通常PCO的表現都比較好,協會/公司也會更滿意。換句話說,如果一個專長在時尚秀的會議顧問,可能無法滿足參與者是科學家的活動。

 solar energy, solar eco-skin, taichung convention center, taichung, convention center, taiwan, MAD architects, natural ventilation, natural daylight
Source: inhabitat 

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